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Designer Silver Jewellery

February 14, 2012

Your relationship with your girlfriend is satisfactory, you have been going out for considerable time and are getting to know each other well enough to believe that you are compatible in many areas. Your feelings of mutual love are strong and steady and you just cannot even imagine living without her. You may be already acquainted with each other´s families and maybe even living together. You are sure that she is “the one”. What was that saying that your grandmother used to tell you? “Son, don’t marry the girl that you can live with: Marry the one that you cannot live without!”

Next step, to follow proper tradition in our western culture, you need to buy an engagement ring and propose to her. You already know she will say yes, and that she is waiting for you to take that step.

What kind or ring should you get? Your mother and aunts got diamond gold rings when they were asked in marriage. Would she be expecting you to do the same? But she knows you can´t afford it at this point, there is a global recession and although you have a steady job, nothing is certain anymore these days and you could lose it. You wouldn’t want to start your marriage with liabilities or debts.

Did you Consider 925 Silver Rings?

Silver is a beautiful noble metal loved by all women. It is more affordable too. You heard that pure silver may get damaged easily because it is soft. You read online about sterling silver jewellery and would like to check it out. Sterling silver is usually an alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver and %7.5 another metal to make it more solid, usually copper. You can find beautiful engagement rings made of sterling silver. Take it a notch further and chose an alloy of gold or platinum. It won’t be such a difference in prize but it will make a difference in quality. She is worth of a little more sacrifice on your part, isn’t she? After all you are just getting 7.5% gold or platinum, which is big saving already. Engagement rings traditionally come with mounted precious gems. You can choose a real semi-precious stone, or a Cubic Zirconia diamond (synthetic diamond). It is very impressive and looks just like a real natural diamond. Some say that they are even harder, more perfect and durable than the real ones. It takes a diamond expert in gemstone jewellery and advanced technology to tell the difference. You can get a nice CZ diamond sterling silver engagement ring for about $300.

She will love it! You can honestly let her know that you wish you could get her a real diamond, but that this one is the closest there is. You can tell her that the ring is made of gold mixed with silver and that you chose that one because you knew she would really like it. The ring is just a symbol of your promise to marry her. When you get the marriage alliance rings, then you can invest in real gold or platinum.

Rose Gagnon is an expert in the field of jewellery and metals, specializing in silver, sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Read her articles when you need information to help you decide what kind of engagement ring to purchase.

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